Going Crazy in the Hazy: Twindancing

The Haze has been hanging over Singapore for a few weeks now with only a few days of respite here and there. With the PSI (pollutant standards index) over the “unhealthy” 100 mark most days, children are advised to stay indoors…*sigh*.

So I’ve got two high-energy kids cooped up in the flat with the air purifier on. Most of their toys and games are still on their way from Edinburgh to Singapore with the rest of our shipping. We’ve exhausted all the art supplies and are totally Lego-ed out…and my parents actually have no children’s channels on their cable TV package! (For those who know my dad, yes – the girls now just watch the ATP tour and National Geo).

The girls have been bouncing off the walls and my wallet will only stretch to a limited amount of softplay. But just when I thought we were going to go crazy…the girls rediscovered the Mirror Effect on Photobooth, and are now proud to present their latest Fun Indoor Activity…Twindancing!

Miss Chu in particular loves choreographing dances to the demo songs on her keyboard. But Photobooth’s Mirror Effect and a couple of props take it to a whole new level. The girls totally love pretending they’ve got invisible dancing twins that you can only see on screen.

So a specially big thank you to Auntie TI for the awesome ribbon twirlers and butterfly wings. Lightweight, compact, and super fun. Genius!

Have Photobooth? Give Twindancing a go! Then upload a video and send us a link!


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved the video – a bit tripy in places!!! I’ll have to get Caitlin to have a go, we’ve never used that before on the IPad.
    Hope the haze goes and you get out again soon.
    El x

    • Thanks! A morning thunderstorm seems to have cleared the air…at least temporarily. You just don’t appreciate fresh air until you lose it!

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