Happy Wedding Day!

Chusday comes a couple of days early this week with a special message for my lovely cousin and her husband on their wedding day today!

Miss Chu and Little Miss have not let me forget that this move has cost them the opportunity to be your flower girls. It is a real shame about the timing of our house move and shipment arrival as the girls would have loved to be part of the big day. So, the absentee flower girls and I have made up a little celebratory song for you guys instead. Something to watch as you get your hair done!

Have a brilliant time and a huge congratulations from all of us here!

Hope you can come and visit us soon!

PS: a little note from Miss Chu:

Dear Jenny YiYi and Luigi, have a Happy Wedding Day! I’m sure you will look very beautiful (and handsome for Luigi). Hope you don’t trip up on a long veil. I bet your cake tastes scrumptious. Remember to make a wedding wish! Love from Miss Chu xxx



  1. Thank you to all the Chus! We love the video, it’s amazing! We’re all enjoying it while we’re getting ready this morning. You will be missed today and look forward to visiting you soon for our own celebration! Lots of love, Jen & Luigi xxx

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you had a wonderful day and we can’t wait to see the photos!

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