A bit of playground fun

Blast from the past: this was me in a typical Singapore 80s playground! It looks so boring to my kids but I spent many a happy hour with my friends there. I like how many of the playgrounds here are still sand-based so you can safely launch yourself off a swing!


So the playgrounds here have definitely been upgraded since I left. I’ve yet to find the rubber-tyre swings, wooden see-saws or tiled concrete slides that I was reminiscing about. But here are a couple of other things the kids have been enjoying so far…

Guess what this is?


Never seen this bit of playground kit before. Finally – something for those kids who always fancied going for a spin in the washing machine.

We also love these fun flying foxes!


There are loads of great playgrounds in Singapore and one of the benefits of having two preschoolers is that I can join in without looking too ridiculous (I hope).








  1. Hi T
    I love your blog!!! It’s great idea to keep in touch and to show us a bit of your life on the other half of the world.
    Hugs from our 4!!!

  2. Great to hear from you guys. I love the blog and the way it is written, like what you have done with the blog name too (or should that be “Chu!!!” Have a great day and just for the record, the sun is out in Edinburgh this morning!!!

    • Hi Gordon! Sorry just saw this…it ended up in spam for some reason! Glad you’re enjoying the read…it’s been a nice way to keep in touch. It was so hard to come up with a blog name…ended up plagiarizing from a picture book!

  3. It always terrified me when you launched yourself off a swing. That washing machine thing is crazy!

  4. Wow wow how Ku Kong wish he could travel through time to have fun with you all. Miss Chu is there a time traveling machine in Singapore playground???.

    T, reading your blog giggles my mind, I am ten again. Ah Kim and me miss you all.

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