Redefining Chusdays

We are one year into our move back to Singapore! And it feels like the pace of life is accelerating. Looking back, the first few months felt like an extended holiday (at least for myself and the kids!). For the most part, life was gloriously unscheduled – we had few responsibilities, no household to run whilst living with my parents, no after-school activities or homework for the kids, and loads of new places to discover and explore! But.

I think the honeymoon period is over. The novelty of the new is wearing off, and the days and weeks are becoming increasing dictated by routine and regular commitments. A bit of structure is not necessarily a bad thing, and we are making efforts to integrate with our new community by getting involved in school, church and neighbourhood life. Before you know it, the calendar starts getting filled up with “stuff”. I’m all too aware this is a slippery slope.

So, considering life has stepped up a gear since we first arrived, it’s time for a reassessment of priorities. Chusdays are now going to be a monthly event. Weekly posts were a good challenge, but rarely gave me time to work on a longer-term project with the kids and I often ended up rushing a post late on a Tuesday night! We do enjoy having our own space on the Internet to share ideas and keep a conversation going with faraway friends, and the kids love their growing collection of blog videos. Recently, the girls were super-chuffed to get some great feedback on their cardboard computer video from the Finnish team at Hello Ruby, who re-posted our video on their own blog and sent the kids a little package of goodies!

But it’s time to exercise a little wisdom and not become a slave to my own deadlines or social media. And I’m also excited to make time for new projects and opportunities.

Hope you’ll continue to check in on us and stay in touch! I’ll aim to post on the second Tuesday of the month, but if you’d like to save yourself the bother of checking you can receive our updates straight into your inbox by subscribing from the link in the sidebar!

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