Singapore Girls

Another post by Miss Chu:

One weekend I went to a Singapore Airlines Open House where we got to dress up as cabin crew and go in a pretend airplane. It was very fun!



I liked getting my hair and makeup done and putting on the pretty uniform.


My sister didn’t like the uniform and was a bit grumpy at first…but she liked it in the end.


We had to learn what cabin crew say to the passengers and practice on our mummies and daddies.


“Would you like a hot towel Sir?”

SIAgirls_1I really liked serving the food to my mummy and daddy and making them comfy with blankets. The people who were training us said I can come back in twelve years time if I want to be a real Singapore Girl!



  1. haha. N + N look really cute and professional in their stewardess outfits. Future career option.

  2. I loved seeing your outfits, they look very posh. I Am missing you.
    C x

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