The Cup Song: An Exam Revision Musical Interlude

Even though the Chu girls are constantly singing and dancing around the house, we suddenly realised a whole year has passed on EveryChusDay without a single silly song or music video. We used to do those all the time! October is exam month in Singapore, but despite being swamped by revision this week, Miss Chu has taken a little time out to remedy this situation with her own version of the Cup Song…with lyrics changed to reflect her current circumstances!

We’re a few years late to the Cup Song craze – Miss Chu only discovered it after the Trolls movie brought Anna Kendrick to her attention, but she quickly learned how to tap out that infectious rhythm and sing along. There are a number of pretty amazing feats of cup-song choreography online as well as interesting adaptations of the cup rhythm to other songs. For her “exam-week version”, Miss Chu uses the classic “When I’m Gone” tune and gets her trusty toy monkey involved for some harmonising!


Hope you enjoy our video – complete with silly bloopers, a cameo by Little Miss and a simple tutorial at the end if anyone wants to give it a go!


Little Miss cameos with Monkey


Miss Chu demonstrates the cup song rhythm


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