Why we eat mooncakes in mid-autumn

A post by Miss Chu:

It’s our first time celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon festival in Singapore, which takes place on Sunday 27th September. I’ll show you what mooncakes are and I will tell you the story behind one of the famous Mid-Autumn legends … with the help of shadow puppets!



  1. Love it! That looked like a lot of work for you! The P2s were out at the Museum of Childhood today looking at toys from the olden days. They’ve been learning about things from the past: their family trees, old vs new building styles etc. This weekend is Doors Open weekend in Edinburgh so lots of old buildings to see.

    • Ha ha – yes, one of Miss Chu’s ideas that grew arms and legs! A learning process for sure. I miss Doors Open day. Wish they had that here!

  2. Loved the puppet show Natalie, and especially Monkeys little show at the end! Hope you enjoy the festival.
    Love to you all from Caitlin’s mum

  3. Love it!! So creative! Keep it up!!

  4. This is fantastic! Especially the bit … ‘I don’t really like eating them , but…’ šŸ˜€

  5. Wow a tale well done, you bring back all the long lost tales … ????? I can’t continue moon cake are definitely gummy yummy especially for old man like me.

    A show well produced, I will tell Jackie Chan to let you be his future producer. ??????

  6. Miss Chu remember to ask Ah Ma for a bowl of dessert call ( Bo Bo Cha Cha ) during moon cake festival . Its Ku Kong and Kim Po favourite, hope you and little Chu will like it . Cheers

  7. Wow, that was amazing. Very talented girls! Look forward to more updates!

  8. Amazing! Totally a big fan of your news Miss Chu!

  9. I like your story and like the shadow puppet,too.Oh,Yes.at Mid-Autumn Day,I ate the mooncakes, I was surprised about you

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