Snacks of Singapore

A post by Miss Chu:

When I got to Singapore we couldn’t find some of the snacks that I like eating. We can’t get Oddities, Sunbites or Innocent Fruit Tubes. Crunchy corners are expensive and the Kinder Eggs have nuts. But I’ve found some new snacks to show you. Some look a bit strange, but they are yummy! Here is a video about four of my favourite ones.




  1. This was fantastic!! Natalie, you did so well describing things and made me wish I could taste it! Keep up the great work ?

  2. The video was great and funny and Naomi was a cute helper! The food looked yummy – my mummy wasn’t so sure about the cuttlefish but wants to try the seaweed. I think my favourite would be the purple crisps. We’re all missing you, look forward to seeing your next post
    Love Caitlin

  3. What a great post Miss Chu! It’s making me feel hungry 🙂

  4. Dear Miss Chu, you are absolutely fabulous! Those are definitely my FAVORITE snacks too. Bravo!!

  5. Dear Miss Chu, I must say that you look fabulous on the news! These are indeed my FAVOURITE snacks too! Loved your “Yummy” Little Miss! Question: how did you girls managed not to put the pork floss everywhere on the table?!?!?

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